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Dr Scent South Africa

Aroma Scents -Woody

Aroma Scents -Woody

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Woody is a sensational and luxurious fragrance, whose notes remind us of the beautiful wood’s scent for the world’s forests. Woody is manufactured by experts in France; who have combined rose and oud with iris, sandalwood, and cedarwood to create a fragrance that is alluring and enticing. This is a perfect choice for those who prefer woody type scents.

• Made from organic material and 100% protected from harmful chemicals.
• Fragrant experience for your friends and family with sense of nature scent.
• Enrich the surrounding air with a refreshing blend of natural fragrances.
• Helps to protect you from unpleasant odors around you.
• Environmental Friendly.
• ISO certified.
• Made in United Kingdom.

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