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Dr Scent South Africa

Car Trash Bin

Car Trash Bin

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Dr Scent car trash Bin is perfectly designed for your car waste.

This can be easily folded into a thinner piece for better storage such as the storage space at the side doors and so on. One of the main advantages while using Dr Scent Trash Bin is that it has plastic hook and can be placed in various places in your vehicle according to your need and keeping adjusting easily and firmly. Dr Scent car Trash Bin has designed keep multiple functionalities in mind of the shoppers like this can not only be used to hold and toss wrappers, rubbishes, wastes or garbage on a trip, also used as a handy storage organizer to hold small items and sundries to keep your car, home and office clean.


Dr Scent Car Trash Bin,
Trash Bin Container Leak-Proof Waterproof Trash Having Top Lid, Multifunctional Organizer Trash Bin With Hanging Hook

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